IMTALK EPISODE 248 - Scott Molina on Sutton

News: New Iron Distance race in Japan, Inside Tri's fifteen greatest male athletes, Macca racing Challenge Cairns. 

Discussion of the Week: Bam sent through this question: I have a question around the 'M-Dot' brand. Specifically, the increase in the amount of endorsed products out there like the "official ironman matress" or Avon aftershave! Do you think that this lessens the M-Dot brand? And by association the kudos of doing an official Ironman event. Comment here

Interview with Scott Molina: We have Scott Molina on the show this week where he shares some of his thoughts on our interview with Brett Sutton. He also tells some great stories about the 80s and introduces his new book 50 One-Hour Workouts

This Week Websites: New race in Japan, Inside Tri's top 15 men, 365 Marathons.