News: Results for IM St George and Busslton 70.3, Kona auction slots, John's ITU update, ITU celebrates 20 years of world cups. 

This Weeks Discussion: With ITU having it's 20 year anniversary John was wondering what has changed about triathlon since you have started? Bring back some of the old gear ;-) Comment here

Website of the Week: Arthur Lydiard was one of the most influential running coaches of all time. The website has some good pieces around his thinking. Check it out here:

Coaches Corner: We cover the things that you need to do to post race to help your body recover fast. This will help you have quality sessions faster.

High 5: John got the snip done last week. He gives his High 5 on how to survive this life changing operation.

This Weeks Websites: Mark Sisson's website, Running coach interview, Woman saves a live in a triathlon