IMTALK EPISODE 267 - Timo Bracht

News: IMNY fills out, IM France and CDA, How Macca went in Kitzbulle, John's ITU update. 

Discussion of the Week: The Mountain Snail sent through this weeks discussion: Where's the best place to live for triathlon training and why? Lets not all say Boulder ;-) Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with Germany Rockstar Timo Bracht. He gives some insight into why different races are really important to him. Check out his website:

The Geek Out Corner brought to you by Thosten: John asked Thosten to do a top 10 ranking for IM and Thosten delivered! Check out his work here

Coach's Corner: John introduces his patented 'Johns Factor 3 Plan' for running a IM Marathon. It's a plan on how fast you run good marathon based on your marathon times. 

This Weeks Websites: Jack Daniels formula, Get the Going Long, Going Hard DVD, Our interview with Coach Jeff on his Podcast TCJP