News: Results from IM CDA and IM France, IM Austria and Korea coming up, John's ITU update. 

Discussion of the Week: We heard that WTC might be getting rid of the lottery slots next year. We know this is only goss but if it was true do you think it's a good thing or not and why? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Ross Welton and the boys in Kona in 2009. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Matt sent through Beth and James Walsh for both being really fast! Beth did a sub 10 and James 9:11 in IM Texas. We were wondering if they are the fastest age group couple out there?

High 5: Richard 'Low Rider' Marlow sent through a High 5 on overcoming the disappointment of not getting Olympic tickets if you live in England.

Coach's Corner: Bevan does a section on weights training for triathletes. 

Website of the Week: Jed Bowtell sent through It's a great site to keep track of your rides. It can break down your rides into different sections and do so much more. 

This Weeks Website: Brownlee's winning shot.