IMTALK EPISODE 295 - Dirk Bockel

News: Results from Wanaka, ITU and WTC look like they are opening communication with each other, More money in ITU champs. 

This Weeks Discussion: This questions got sent through from an 'unnamed listener': Recently ive been talking with a few mates about people who train with the opposite sex - all the time. The discussion was around do we think its dodgy (in terms that they are cheating on their wives/husbands) for a guy and girl to train together all the time (or very frequently), especially when one is far faster than the other one. Comment here

Interview with Dirk Bockel: John has an interview with Dirk about his latest news of joining the Trek Leapoard True Racing Team. Cheak out his website here.

Website of the Week: Dave McMillan sent through this great site that has lots of different tri calulators: Get it here. It's a fun site that can help you figure out your splits.