IMTALK EPISODE 337 - Andrew Starkowitz

News: Results from Ultraman and IM Cozumel, Challenge Family adds Challenge Vitoria, More Kona slots for IM Germany, Coming up races.

This Weeks Discussion: John wants to know if there are any good vegetarian cook books out there? If you know of any good blogs you can add them in there as well. Hopefully we'll be able to feed John for a few weeks ;-) Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Peter Thaus wore his IMTalk tri suit to get a 17min PB at 70.3 Shepparton. Love his work. 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Andrew Starkowitz. He broke the bike course record at IM Florida in a time of 4:04! Plus he shares a little bit about his experience at Abu Dhabi Tri. Check out his site here where you can get his book. 

High 5: Tim Heming sent through this weeks High 5, how to run half marathon dressed up as a squirrel. Check out his piece here

Coaches Corner: John talks about The China Study, a topic that he found very interesting.