IMTALK EPISODE 336 - Jason Langston

News: Macca heading to Challenge Wanaka, IM Arizona results, IM Cozumel and Ultraman are coming up, Ali Brownlee is doing the Abu Dhabi Half.

This Weeks Discussion: Mark Johnston sent through this weeks discussion. It's a simple one, what is your most dreaded session and why? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: The boys with Randy Barron in Kona. 

Website of the Week: Andrew Johnson from Triumph Training has a strength training book for triathletes. Click here to get the book

Interview: We have an Jason Langston from Jason has just completed 48 Ironmans in four months! In todays show he shares a few stories about his experience. 

This Weeks Websites: Guys Kona Pack, Girls Kona Pack.