IMTALK EPISODE 297 - Bevan McKinnon

News: WTC announces changes to 5150 triathlon series and more prize money in all of their championship races, Vanhoenacker is racing IMNZ, Results from Israman, Macca raced in NZ, Kona slots for Japan 70.3.

This Weeks Discussion: Jeff 'The Explosion' Curry has set up a blog: This lead him to ask the question. How many of you guys have your own blog, give it a plug, or regularly follow blogs of non pros? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Tara Norton is having a baby and she is still a super model, modeling her IMTalk jersey while training. Love your work Tara. 

Age Groupers of the Week: This week we choose the top age groupers in the age group of 50-54 at last years world champs. John Mergler won the mens in a time of 9:42 and Teresa Rider the females in a time of 10:44. We'll done guys!

Interview: This week we have an interview with Bevan McKinnon from about being a pro, running a coaching business and much more. Check out his site here.

Website of the Week: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell sent through a new review site called Enduraguide. It's early days but hopefully it will build into a site that will help when you are going to buy a new product.  

This Weeks Websites: James Lawrence's site to help him with doing 30 IMs this year, www.triandgiveadam.comTraining Peaks resources page