IMTALK EPISODE 353 - Gary Roethenbaugh

This Weeks News: Results from Los Carbos, IM Melbourne and HITS Ocala is coming up, Drew Scott is turning pro, John's ITU update, Brownlee may struggle to make Commenwealth Games 10,000.

This Weeks Discussion: John and Bevan had a disagreement on the show this week. If there was a IM race where there were no pro's or no Kona slots do you think the feel of the race would be different? Would it be less serious or pretty much the same as any other IM races? Comment here

This Weeks Video: Here's a real bad cycle fail. 

Interview: This week we talk to Gary Roethenbaugh from Triathlon Industry Association. Gary and his team aims to represent the industry (as with any trade association) and to promote triathlon overall. They are working closely with the national governing body – the British Triathlon Federation. It’s this common goal of growing the sport, and participation in triathlon, that is shared by both the national governing body and the industry.

Interview: John has an interview with Craig He talks about the use of his power meter, fast cadence and other cycling stuff.  

Coaches Corner and John's Rant: John shares some swimming info and has a rant about a couple things that have been on his mind. 

This Weeks Website: The movie Chrissie is promoting, Warwick John Fahy's speaking website