News: Results from IM Melbourne and Hits Ocala, Andreas Raelert is racing IM Austria, ITU has increased their prize money, company is setting up in Boulder to appeal the working athlete. 

This Weeks Discussion: John was wondering: Should you have to do a 70.3 to prove your fitness and qualify for an iron distance race. This is not a speed test but a fitness WOF in light of the increasing amounts of deaths in races. Comment here.

Interview: This week we have DC RainMaker back on the show. This guy has the best website for reviews on the tech side of endurance sport. If you are thinking about buying some new gear make the first place you go. In the interview he shares his thoughts on what is happening now in tech. 

This Weeks Video: He's a fun clip that Chris Kemp made called: A Day in the Life. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Kevin Coady sent through Rob Gray for this weeks age grouper. Rob is a hard working man who had the aim of qualifying for Kona this year. After two attempts where things went wrong he managed to place second in IM Cozumel and get the slot. Well done Rob. 

Interview: We have Al from on the show this week. He talks about some of the basics around Yoga and how you get started. 

Website of the Week: Thorsten has started a betting site for IM races. You can check it out here:

This Weeks Websites: Extreme Endurance in Hong Kong, Endurance crew at Hybris, Tri247's pieces about Corinne Abraham.