IMTALK EPISODE 351 - Meredith Kesler

News: Results from IMNZ and Abu Dhabi, Brownlee may go long after Rio, New race in Isle of Man.

Interview: This week we have an interview with Ironman New Zealand Winner Meredith Kesler. She talks about last weekends race, what's been happening over the couple years, and her upcoming book. Cheak out all things Meredith at her website:

This Weeks Discussion: With Brett Sutton being on the show next week we were wondering if you would be willing to put $1000 of your own money to buy the WTC? Let us know if you would or wouldn't and why you have your answer. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John 'The Mountain Snail' Hancock in his IMTalk tri suit at IMNZ. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Sarah Walker sent through this weeks age grouper, Chris Craig. Chris is one of the people who are at the heart of the sport. After not being an athlete when she was a child she started running once she left school. Over time she started triathlon. After five years of work she managed to finish IMNZ last weekend! Love your work Chris.