News: IMNZ and Abu Dhabi are coming up, IM Japan sells 85% in the first 3 days, Camp Kia Kaha is coming, TT starts in IM? 

This Weeks Photo: A couple cool boys, in their IMTalk tops, flying down the road in Kona.

This Weeks Discussion: Brett Sutton wrote an interesting piece about the 'wheels coming off for Ironman', here's the piece: We want to know what you think about it? Do you think he's right or wrong? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Melissa Urie sent through Andrew Zielinski (A Zed) for this weeks age grouper. A Zed didn't manage to finish his first Half Ironman, which he really struggled with. Recently he did manage overcome this demon to finish the Coles Bay Half. It was a tough day but he managed to get there in 7:33. Well done A Zed. 

Coaches Corner: John answers Dave Heywoods question about the amount of 70.3's and Olympic tri's one should do leading into an IM. Plus there's an interview with Craig Sharratt about his new bike. 

This Weeks Website: Article about changing IM starts