IMTALK EPISODE 355 - Dirk Friel, Andrew Johnson and Russel Cox

News: IM Austria going to a split start, Oceanside 70.3 results, ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: If we move away from mass starts do you prefer waves starts of say 300, individual time trial starts (like some races in the US) or do you have a better suggestion? Bevan's question will be coming next week ;-) Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Bevan's running group doing a happy jump after their Half Marathon. 

Interview: This week we have Dirk Friel and Andrew Johnson from Training Peaks. The break down some of the power files from IM Melbourne. They share some great insight into how the pros work and what age groupers can learn from this. 

Interview: We have Russel Cox from He had a great post on his site about why there was so much drafting at IM Melbourne. He shares some of this insight with us.  

This Weeks Websites: Article about deaths in triathlon, Training Peaks Melbourne Files