News: IM Lanzarote and Texas are coming up, Challenge announce three half distance races in Australia, WTC will be rotating the world 70.3 champs, WTC are trying different swim starts, lots of 70.3 results. 

This Weeks Discussion: John come up with this weeks question: If there was a single thing you could do to try and make the pro race at big Ironman races (Kona, Frankfurt or Melbourne) more exciting, what would that be? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Hywel did the London Marathon with a Hawaiian top on. Turns out it was a good move as he did a 2:32:51!

Coaches Corner: This weeks John covers quite a few questions that you guys have sent through over the last few months.  

Website of the Week: The Mountain Snail sent through this weeks website: Here's what MS wrote about it: Brenton Ford’s a pretty serious Aussie swim coach but young and imaginative.  He’s started a swimming-for-triathlon podcast recently and has lots of interviews with Aussie open water swimmers and triathletes which are refreshingly relevant to what we do (ie not about pool swimming).