IMTALK EPISODE 360 - Terenzo Bozzone and Dylan McNiece

News: Results from Challenge Taiwan and IM Australia, Lots of 70.3 results, Vabrousek finishes 125 Iron Distance race, John's ITU update. 

Discussion of the Week: With WTC trying to put on an IM in Boulder, Richard Soares was having a discussion with a mate of his around if they would pay $750 for a local race. So this weeks discussion is that question: would you pay $750 for a local race? Give us your reasons for your answer. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: On this weeks show we had the Blender Challenge. Here's the photo of both John and Bevan's blenders. 

Interview with Terenzo Bozzone: This week we have Terenzo Bozzone back on the show. He talks about his last year of racing, what he's going to be up to for the rest of 2013. He also shares what life is like as a pro and the type of training when he was a kid. You can keep in contact with Terenzo on Twitter here: or Facebook here

Interview with Dylan McNiece: Dylan McNiece took out the new Challange Taiwan last weekend. We caught up with him about the race. If you want to find out more about Dylan check out his website:

This Weeks Website: Our new sponsor Endurance Junkie, Article where a reporter useds Peds.