IMTALK EPISODE 365 - Paul Laursen

News: Results from IM Cairns, Someone is doing 30 IMs in 30 days, Rachel Joyce and Leanda Cave are injured and out of Roth, ITU update, Lots of 70.3 results. 

This Weeks Discussion: Dave Heywood sent through this weeks discussion. He did a race where it seemed that one guys may have only done one lap of the two lap run course. He was wondering what you would if you saw this, would you: Report it to the race director? Call for an investigation? Ignore it because it doesn't change my time? Why would you do what you would do? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's John looking cool in his IMTalk trisuit in the Kona 70.3. 

Inverview: This week we have Paul Laursen, who leads the Performance Physiology Team at High Performance Sport New Zealand, back on the show. He covers how heat effects performance and how we can use slushies to improve our proformance. This is a great interview. If you want to get one of Paul's Floe Bottles click on this link:  

Questions and Answers: John covers lots of questions about his Kona camp. Here's the link to Jeff Savage's fundraising page