IMTALK EPISODE 366 - Dr Tamsin Lewis

News: Virginia Berasategui has tested positive for drugs, IM CDA and IM France are coming out, results from some 70.3. 

This Weeks Discussion: Who would be the best non endurance sport athlete (like runners and cyclist) if they were to do an Ironman? Give us your reasons why you have your answers. By the way Jenson Button doesn't count as we see him as a triathlete. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Now days Bevan spends more time doing voice work at races than races. Here's a shot of him doing his thing at the Christchurch Marathon. 

Interview: This week we have Dr Tamsin Lewis on the show again. She talks about the damage that Ironman training can do for the heart. This is a very interesting topic. You can check out her website here: Here's the Ted talk we talked about in the interview. 

Coaches Corner: This week John covers his taper and nutrition for his Kona race.