IMTALK EPISODE 438 - Phoebe Sanders

News: Results from Arizona; Ultraman News; Challenge have announced the American regional championships; Decaman results.

This Weeks Discussion: We got this weeks question from Peter Coulson, Bevan thinks it's a good one. What have been the biggest scandals in triathlon over the years? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's Bevan and his friends at the races. He won nothing!

Interview: This week we have an interview with Phoebe Sanders. Phoebe did a study of age group athletes who make the transition to become a pro and what that lifestyle was like. On todays show she shares some great insight into the life a these pros. 

Geek Out Corner: John asked Thorsten some geeky questions, we go over his answers on the show. If you want to get Thorsten's 2015 KPR click on this link:

This Weeks Websites: Alan Couzens piece on Kona, Xtri piece on Kona drafting.