News: Update on drugs study, Macca vs Lance, Results from Challenge Melbourne. 

This Weeks Discussion: We have the guys from Endurance Corner coming on the show next week. We'll be covering benchmarking, so this weeks question is: "What types of benchmarking sessions do you use in your training to track fitness gains?" Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Phil, Jenny, and John on John's training camp.

Age Grouper of the Week: Michael Sams sent through this weeks age grouper, Paul O'Doherty (aka POD). POD took on Coach John Newsom at the Auckland 70.3 a few weeks ago. The crew at the BRAT triathlon club told him not to come home if he didn't beat the coach. Well he not only beat the coach but manage to win his age group. Well done POD. 

Coaches Corner: John covers a question from Colin McCrum about using software for his coaching business. Bevan mentioned a book during this segment of the show. You can get it here.  

John also does a wrap up of his training camp. 

Website of the Week: Check out to get Thorsten's tri report. 

This Weeks Websites: Tim Egge's Funding page