IMTALK EPISODE 400 - Alan Couzens

News: NZ sports update, Crowie back on top, Long Course champs in the U.S in 2016, John's ITU, Coast to Coast this weekend, Challenge join Sufferfest. 

This Weeks Discussion: Toni Hodge sent through this weeks question: If you could have one song playing as you crossed the finish line in an IM what would it be? Feel free to put a YouTube link in there so we can play it on the show. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John is ready for IMNZ.

High 5: The Mountain Snail sent through this weeks High 5 around helping kids love sport. Here's the piece by Lance Watson that was mentioned on the show. 

Interview: We have Alan Couzens from Endurance Corner on the show again this week. He goes over the importance of Benchmarking and how to get the most of it. If you want to check out one of the Endurance Corner Camps click here

This Weeks Websites: Brett Sammut's fundraising page