IMTALK EPISODE 406 - Joel Filliol

News: IM Melbourne results; Crowie's retired; John's ITU update; Challenge Announce Shapparton race; Thanyapura Camp; IM Los Cabos and HITS Ocala coming up.  

This Weeks Discussion: Brett Sammut sent through a question around IM Port Macquarie changing the swim start from a mass start to a rolling start. We were wondering if you have done a rolling start how do you find it? Plus would you piss on yourself if you signed up for a race and they changed it from a mass start to a rolling start? (this will make sense when you listen to the show).  Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's the rainbow from Bevan's place this morning. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Tim Ford send through Jo Baxas as this weeks AGOTW. Tim calls Jo the resident 'Stalker' on the MaccaX tri team, for a good reason. She is the first person to support everyone on the team and spends a lot of time letting everyone else in her know how her team are racing.  

Interview: This week we have top ITU triathlon caoch Joel Filliol on the show. Joel has coaches many of the best athletes, including Simon Whitfield and Paula Findlay. On this weeks show he shares many insights about running at high level triathlon team. Check out his website here:

Website of the Week: Paul Fraser sent through as this weeks website. It follows David Alley through his crazy endurance challenges. 

This Weeks Websites: Thanyapura Camp