News: Results from Island House Triathlon, IM Fortaleza and IM Florida; IM Malaysia and Arizona are coming up; What's happening with Macca?; IMTalk 10 year training weekend. 

This Weeks Discussion: Would you do a race like the Island House Tri? What do you feel would be the best format for a AG’ers multi day race? Also, how many press ups can you do? Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: This weeks is a gif, check it out here

Statstasic: We look at the first woman to go Sub 9. 

Coaches Corner: Here are the sets that were in this weeks Coaches Corner. 

Deep Water Running Example Workouts:

Building Endurance Sets:

2 x (4 min @ 80% HRR or HRmax  6 min @ 75% HRR or HRmax  10 min @ 70% HRR or HRmax + 2 min easy)

Aerobic Endurance with Sprint & Strength Work:

Continuous Run x  6 min at steady pace THEN run HARD wall-to-wall, when you get to the wall perform flutter kick on wall x 30 seconds max effort  run HARD wall-to-wall + wall push ups x 25 reps…repeat series 

Intensity Ladder:

10 min at steady pace  ↑ intensity slightly & hold x 5 min  8 min steady  ↑ intensity more than previous & hold x 5 min  6 min steady  ↑ intensity even more than previous & hold x 5 min  5 min steady  steady ↑ even more than previous & hold x 5 min  (so every harder 5 min piece gets a little harder with every effort) 

Negative Splits & Technique:

4-5 x (Steady run x 3 min + Cone-to-cone negative splits (run faster pace every time you pass a cone x 4) + tech drills (flat foot march, high knees ‘staying on your toes’, long jog, fast feet shuffle, butt kicks) 1 length of pool then Stride (form focused run) back to start

**either set up cones ~ 10-15 ft apart OR use landmarks in the pool for your point to point drills).