IMTALK EPISODE 453 - Tim Hemming

News: Another cricket update; Lots on Challenge Dubai; New pro teams; IMNZ coming up; Specialised Shiv areo bars recalled. 

This Weeks Discussion: We got an email from Bruce Tomlinson showing the participant difference between men and women in Ironman, which is 80% men and 20% women. He was wondering if the split between men (65%) and women (35%) at Kona is fair based on the true split in the sport? Let us know your thoughts. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's a photo with Prince Nasar with the child that he pulled around the whole course. 

Interview: We get Tim Hemming on the show for an interview on the Challenge Dubai race. He was reporting for at the race so he shares lots of insights into what happened. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Scott Rice sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Scott Iott. Scott had to work through a tough leg injury for over 8 months to go on to have an amazing race at IM Arizona. He's also a great guy in his local triathlon community. 

Statstastic: This week we have some stats on chafing.

This Weeks Websites: Coke sponsorship for Pro's