News: The Thanyapura Competition; Cricket update; IMNZ news; Challenge Dubai update; Challenge announces Challenge Regensburg; John's ITU update; New event, The Pioneer in New Zealand

This Weeks Discussion: After this weeks big discussion around females in sport we have a couple questions for our female listeners. What was it about Ironman that made the sport appealing to you? Do you think your non triathlon friends would even want to do an Ironman? And lastly, do you think that men are trying to restrict you in this sport? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Here's a picture with John and Rick Laird. Rick is wearing the new IMTalk swim cap.  

Age Grouper of the Week: Alison King sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Nina Dobson. Nina is an amazing woman for a lot of reasons. She overcame a brain tumour to finish IMNZ in 2014, she supported a local athlete through a horrible bike crash, she's the president of the Rotorua Association of Triathletes (The RATS), and when she was doing the Auckland 70.3 she stopped her race to give CPR to a follow athlete who may have died without her help. Here's a piece in the NZ Herald about her

Statstastic: This week we go over the 5 fastest female IM of all time. 

This Weeks Websites: Revbox Kickstarter; Thanyapura contest