IMTALK EPISODE 471 - David Warden and Levi Maxwell

News: Results from IM Germany; Challenge Roth is coming up; Change in start times in IM World Champs and 70.3 World Champs.

This Weeks Discussion: We've had some cool emails coming through about people doing selfless acts for others at races. So this week we want to know what are the most coolest acts showing “moral fibre” have you seen when racing? Comment here

Interview: This week we have IronCowboy's coach David Warden on the show. David tells us how James is going on this journey, how he prepared, and what he'll need to do to overcome this challenge. Check out to keep on track of how he is doing. 

Interview: Levi Maxwell is a top age group champion. He placed first in his age group in Kona last year and second overall in the race. This week he shares insight into the life of a top age grouper.