News: results from Roth and Vitoria Tri; Roth changes the drafting penalty; Challenges introduces Euro end of season bonus; Coming up races; IMTalk 10 year weekend; ITU Update.  

This Weeks Discussion: This weeks discussion is from John B, who got an ashtray in his race pack one year. He was wondering what is the weirdest prize you have won at a race or received in a race bag? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: This is how they rode their bikes in the good old days - seat shifters. Comes forward on the flat for TT then push back for climbing. Thanks to Arno for the pic.

Age Grouper of the Week: This weeks age grouper, Bill Worboys, was sent through by Adam Laycock. Bill is the best supporter his son in law Gavin May. Unfortunately Bill has Motor Neurone Disease which means he can no longer go to races to support Gavin. For this reason a big crew of people went with Bill to IM Lanzarote for one more race. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved. 

Statstastic: This week we talk about how Marino Vanhoenacker is the first man to do two sub 8 IM in one year. 

Coaches Corner: John covers the advantages and disadvantages of trainer sessions. 

This Weeks Websites: for the podcast that Bevan was talking about on the show.