IMTalk Episode 509

News: The old flag stays; Lottery slots system announced; Long Course champs going to Penticton; Hits series is kicking off. 

This Weeks Discussion: With it being our 10 year anniversary we thought it's a good chance for you to ask us some questions. So this weeks discussion is what questions do you have for Bevan and John? You can ask anything you want ;-) Comment here.

This Weeks Video: Here's the video of IMSA back in 2001. See if you can spot John in it. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Helen Majorhazi and Sus Chesmar sent through Di Chesmar for this weeks Age Grouper. She managed to take out her age group at Challenge Wanaka. 

App of the Week: Rob “Speedy G” Arruda sent through It's a great app that uses music to improve your cadence.