IMTalk Episode 513 - Jim Vance

News: Challenge announce The Championship race; Strong field for Challenge Roth; John's Epic Lite for Queenstown/Wanaka; ITU update; Frodeno and Ryf at Laureus Sport Awards; IM Australia is coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: Do you think The Championship from Challenge will be a success? Let us know why you have your thoughts? When you give your thoughts share where you are from in the world. Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: The Mountain Snail swam the Cook Straight. He made sure he wore his cool IMTalk swim cap.

Age Grouper of the Week: The Mountain Snail sent through Daryl Bloomfield. He has been an IM for years but more importantly he has run the Scorchers triathlon races in Wellington for 13 years. This series has had over 100 races and has been an important part of the triathlon community. Daryl is a good man that has given so much to our great sport.

Interview: Jim Vance has released his book Triathlon 2.0. It's about how to understand your data so you can get the most out of your devices, which will lead to improved performance. In this interview he shares some great insight on this topic. You can get his book by clicking here

Coaches Corner: We cover question about HR and power when riding into the wind. 

This Weeks Websites: Bevan's Fitness Behaviour podcast interview with leading sports psychologist