IMTALK EPISODE 527 - Tim Pigott

News: Results from ADH Triathlon, IM Vineman, and IM Netherlands; Changes in KPR; John's new race; Challenge having championship race in Melbourne; IM Boulder is coming up. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's a great photo of John 'Mincey' Muncey in his IMTalk race kit at Zurich 5150. 

Movie Review: John and Bevan went to see Phil Keoghan's new doco Le Ride. You can get more info about it here: Here's the trailer for it. 

Interview: We get Tim Pigott on the show to talk about gadgets that help us look after our bodies. 

Website of the Week: Challenge Family have a great webpage that shows how much the tops pro's have made from prize money this year so far. Here's the male's link, and the female's link

This Weeks Websites: John's Race