IMTalk Episode 682 - Meredith Dolhare

News: ITU world champs results; ITU Hall of Fame; 70.3 World Champs are coming up; Coming up races.

This Weeks Discussion: What are the biggest ‘what if’s’ in triathlon. For example what would have happened to triathlon if Julie Moss didn’t have the amazing finish in the first televised Ironman. Come up with your ‘what if’s. Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with Meredith Dolhare. Meredith has overcome some of life's biggest challenges and has used endurance sport to achieve a lot for herself and her world. She shares her journey on the show. You can follow Merediths work here:

Statstastic: We look at all of the records for more than one Ironman, like the double Ironman.

This Weeks Websites: 70.3 Worlds field.