IMTalk Episode 683

News: Results from 70.3 world champs, Ironman Wisconsin and some 70.3’s; Lauren Goss banned for using CBD ointment; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: Question 1: Is 5 minutes too much for a drafting penalty at a half ironman / 70.3? Question 2: Would you rather see a run penalty than a stand down? For example instead of a 5 minute penalty in a tent at an iron distance race you have a 1 minute penalty at the tent, then you must run a 1km penalty lap on the run. Comment here

Website of the Week: Tim Heming sent the YouTube clip of the men’s Olympic triathlon in Beijing through, check it out.

Epic Camp Interviews: We have the last of our Epic Camp France interviews.

This Weeks Websites: Lauren Goss ban comment.