IMTALK EPISODE 213 - The Website is here!

News: Our new website, IM Japan cancelled due to foot and mouth, IM Langkawi gone, Chrissie comments about WTC pro ruling and ITU update.

Discussion of the Week: If you had a Challenge race, Ironman and another non sanction race close to home which would you race and why? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Tom Newman nominated Kyle Buckingham for an amazing improvement in a year of racing and also being a great guy. 

Website of the Week: Thomas 'John Newsom' Peoples sent through

High 5: Thomas 'John Newsom' Peoples also sent through a High 5 on recovering from road rash. 

Questions and Answers: We had questions from Roland Chuter, Julie G, Ian Tivey, Gavin Davis. We cover doing a 70.3 after riding the Tour de France, sauna heat, Taurange Half qualifier for Phuket, Jo Fearnon's amazing run. 

This Weeks Websites: Chrissie's comments, Fegan's photos