News: Results for IM Germany, Lake Placid and The Outlaw. IMUK, Extrememan and Vineman are coming up this weekend. New Hits triathlon series coming to the U.S. John's ITU update and Tour De France wrap up. 

Discussion of the Week: Neil sent this email through: In 1984 there was an tri that was based on each leg taking approximately the same amount of time. It was called the Equilateral Triathlon, ask Scott Molina he took part in it. The swim leg was 5.6 miles, the bike 50 miles and the run 20 miles. The idea was that for a quality athlete each leg would take approximately 2hrs. If there was an equilibrium triathlon today who would be World Champion?  Secondly how many listeners would still be taking part if these were the distances? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Matty's sister Sian Evans looking cool in an IMTalk jersey!

Age Grouper of the Week: Gavin Rogers send through Charles Cowan for AGOTW. Charles was aiming for a Kona slot but his race at IM Switzerland had everything go wrong. Charles managed to overcome many problems to still finish the race. 

Website of the Week: John Levison from sent us through a wrap up of guys who have gone sub 8. It's a great piece, check it out here

This Weeks Websites: Hits Triathlon on Trijuice,