IMTALK EPISODE 342 - Paul Newsome and Thorsten 'The Geek'

In this weeks holiday season show we have another different type of show. On todays show we have two interviews and an episode of Fitness Behavior. 

Interview: Paul Newsome from Swim Smooth is back on the show again. He shares more great swimming tips. These guys are great at helping all different types of swimmers find their next level. Check out their website here:

Interview: Thorsten 'The Geek' from is on the show this week. In this interview we talk about the best performances of 2012. What were the best performances in a single race, who was the best overall athletes and what races were the hardest? Thorsten brings the stats forward to help us figure these questions out. 

Fitness Behavior: In this episode of Fitness Behavior Bevan covers 'crucial moments' and how we can pre-plan for these. It's a great tool to help us overcome challenging moments, in both life and racing.