News: Results from IM South Africa and Koh Samui, 2012 Ironman Legacy winners announced, Hits Marble Falls is coming this weekend, John's ITU update and this Week in Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: John was wondering if the smaller races in your area suffer when the branded races come in and take over? Is this a concern for you and if so why? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: John on the boat in Kona. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Clyde send through Brendan Krone or Brendo/K Dog/K Diddy as this weeks age grouper. K Dog went from being a new endurance athlete to completing IM Melbourne in a 9:23 in a very short period of time. Plus he has many great names ;-) 

Website and Contributor of the Week: Morten Liebach sent through and Matt ‘The Peaceful Tri Ninja' sent through

Questions and Answers: Kyle Lehanbauer sent through a question about drafting and Pete Sharp ask about the best age to start doing IM.