News: Ironman St George and Australia are coming up this weekend, This Week in Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: This week we have two discussions, one from Bevan and one from John. First of all: If you could create one law that was designed to get society fitter and healthier, and the government would have to implement it, what would it be? The second question is: Who will win Kona 2015? This can be in the male or female field. Comment here.

High 5: John does a High 5 on how to fit training in and not hurt your relationship. Here's the book that Bevan was talking about: The Relationship Cure

Age Grouper of the Week: Ken Maclaren sent through this weeks Age Grouper Lesley Wilson. After not being able to do a full Ironman in Taupo this year she set up her 'A Long Days Tri-ing' where she completed the whole IM distance. She managed to finish her day in a time of 16:09:45. Great work Lesley. 

Website of the Week: Morton Liebach sent through It's a good site that can generate a diet based on your own requirements. 

This Weeks Websites:, blind runner Simon Wheatcroft interview.