News: Results for IM Australia and St George then St Croix and Wildflower, Ironcat in Spain is coming up, Bracht v Brown in Roth, John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: Peter Coulson sent through this weeks discussion: What is the one dream race that you would love to do? This excludes Kona. Comment here 

This Weeks Photo: Bryan 'Spice Boy' Dunn sent through this great shot from IMSG. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Andrew Howse sent through Juan Carlos for this weeks age grouper. Juan had entered IM Japan, China and New Zealand on the years when they had been cancelled or made into smaller races. This didn't stop Juan, he went on to complete IM Melbourne in an amazing time of 9:18. Plus we are informed that Juan is a great alround guy. 

Coaches Corner: John does a Coaches Corner on how to transfer from IM life to normal life. 

Website of the Week: Matt 'The Peaceful Tri Ninja' sent through this article about a cool device for those of you with smart phone. Neil Scholes sent through