IMTalK EPISODE 311 - Jimmy Riccitello

News: Our t-shirt design comp, IM Texas and Lanzarote are coming up, John's ITU update, New people inducted into the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame, WTC's cancellation of National Harbour 70.3. 

This Weeks Discussion: Pete Romney sent through this weeks discussion. Do you think that the Ironman organization has spread itself too thin and is trying to put on too many full length courses? While I loved having an Ironman course literally half a mile from my front door, there seem to be so many races (at least around the US) that each race draws fewer pros and just a little less fanfare from the organization, etc. Or, on the flip side, should more and more people try to go pro and race Ironman full time to expand the sport? Comment here

This Weeks Video: Albert sent through this youtube clip from IM St George, it shows how tough it was out there. 


Interview: This week we have legendary athlete and now the Head Referee for Ironman. He goes over a lot of the rules for the race. He also talks about how Lance is going. Check out his website:

Age Grouper of the Week: Pete Price sent through Warren Mason for this weeks Age Grouper. Warren had missed out on getting a Kona slot by 70sec in his racing but this year in IMSA he managed to come second in his age group and get the ticked to Kona! Well done Warren. 

This Weeks Websites: Coach Casson's swimming app, Macca comment on the blow dryer