IMTalK EPISODE 317 - Gordo on open water swimming

News: Results from IM France and CDA plus Forestman and Celtman, IM Austria is coming up, Lake Tahoe sells out in one day, Andrew Starykowicz jail time in Abu Dhabi, Drew Scott wins 70.3 as an age grouper, John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: John Ellis sent through this weeks discussion. If a non WTC brand put on a Challenge Kona on the same course, how would people feel about that? Would they look at that as opposed to the WTC race? I know it would not have the history and prestige but it might give a lot of athletes a chance to race on the course and experience that part of it. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Brian Lafleur sent through this great shot of him showing off some massive Des and Troys at the top of Mt Whitney in California. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Jeff 'The Explosion' Curry sent through this weeks age group, Donald Smith. Donald won a free entry to IM Lanzarote five weeks before the race. He had never done an IM before but he decided to do it. He managed to finish in a time of 15:51, great work. 

We also had an honorary age groupers for Luke 'Nuts' Nuttall and Gary 'The Constant Deliverer' Fegan. 

Interview: We have Gordo back on the show this week. He covers how new swimmers can get better at open water swimming plus he answers lots of your questions. Check out all the good work Gordo and his team do at 

This Weeks Websites: The story about Andrew Starykowicz, The sunblock websites site 1, 2, 3.