IMTALK EPISODE 385 - Dirk Bockel and Sam Gyde

News: Beckham to do IM?, Xterra World Champs, Whitfield retired, IM Florida is coming up, Legends show is out. 

This Weeks Discussion: John has been talking up his chances of getting a top 5 in Kona. If John does get in the top 5 what would be a fun dare that Bevan would have to do? If John doesn't get in the top 5 John would have to do the dare. So we want to know what you think the dare could be? This could be fun, or not! Comment here

Interview: This week we have Pro Ironman Dirk Bockek on the show. He shares his Kona experience with us. He also shares his thoughts on the current state of the sport and his amazing Roth race. Check out his website here: You can watch is Kona Documentary here. 

Interview: Sam Gyde is a three time Kona age group winner. He took out the 35-39 age group in Kona a few weeks ago. This week he shares some insight into what it takes to be the best age grouper in the world! If you want to check out Sam's website go to