IMTALK EPISODE 393 - Lance Dodes and Carol Dweck

This weeks show is a little different. As it's the end of the year and we want to keep our record of never missing a show since 2006 we have released a show that has content from Bevan's Fitness Behaviour Podcast. In this weeks show we have two great interviews.

Interview: Lance Dodes, M.D. is a world leading thinker on addiction. On this weeks show I have an interview with Lance. He shares a lot of insight into this topic. 

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Interview: Carol Dweak is a world leading Psychologist who has taught at Columbia, Harvard, and is currently teaching at Standford University in California. She develop the Mindset way of thinking that has been a huge influence in her field. In this week show we have an interview with Carol about Mindset. You can check out her website here:

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