In this weeks show Bevan releases another one of his Fitness Behavior podcasts, here's the info on it: 

Last month I decided that I wanted to create a workbook for you to use as a reflection/growth tool. After putting some thought into it I thought I would choose a few of the topics I have covered in the past and then base the workbook on these. In this months show I break down the different areas that the workbook covers so you can buy the workbook and develop your own plan for growth in these areas.

Buy the workbook that goes with this show.

Click the 'buy now' button to get the workbook. The cost is $8 U.S. You'll go through a payment process and then the book will be downloaded. From there you can either print it off or work through it on your computer. 


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Here are the podcasts that the workbook topics are based on, click to listen: Reset Strategy, Where to Compare?, Time to Reset, The Process Challenge, Critical Moments, We are about to go deep, Where's the intensityPower to the people