IMTALK EPISODE 349 - Bevan Docherty

News: Ironman expands age group ranking programme, Kahlefeldt and Norden are starting to go long, Looks like Alexander is doing Kona, Desiree Ficker retires.  

Interview: This week we have triathlon legend Bevan Docherty on the show. He talks about the transition to long course, IMNZ and his thoughts on Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: Adam Laycock is going to be retiring in a few years. When he does he wants to do an amazing race somewhere in the world. So this weeks question is: Where should Adam race? You only get one suggestion. Comment here. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Mark Eidem send through Al and Anne Larson for this weeks age groupers. They did IM Arizona together and both finished in a time of 13:17:48. 

This Weeks Websites:, Brett Sutton's blog post, Modern man is a wimp piece