IMTALK EPISODE 401 - David Bowden

News: Results from Panama 70.3, IM Transfer programme, Steffen being coached by Macca, IMNZ stacked, WTC loses in court to Australian TV networks, Challenge adds another American race. 

This Weeks Discussion: John has been awarded a Bronze in the Ironman All World Athlete rankings. We were wondering if the Ironman All Athlete system has any meaning for you? Have a look at your ranking before you comment. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John and Belinda looking sharp before the Canterbury Sports Awards. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Ian "White Lightning" Hersey sent through this weeks age grouper, Tim Sheeper. Tim had a incredible year in 2013, winning lots of hard races. He's also a guy who has given back to the sport for over 20 years. 

Interview: This week we have an interview with David Bowden from He covers all the terms we use around power and how we can use them for training and racing. There is a lot of good detail in there if you want to geek out. 

This Weeks Websites: John McAvoy Blog, IM Transfer programme