IMTALK EPISODE 402 - Scott Molina

News: IMNZ coming up; Results from Challenge Philippines, Ultraman Florida, and Husky Long Course.

This Weeks Discussion: John is racing this weekends IMNZ. In this weeks discussion we want you to guess John's race time for this weekends race. The person who gets closest to his time will get their name on John's Kona Tri Suit. If you want to donate to his Kona race, and get your name on his gear, go here: Comment here

This Weeks Photo: We have Ken and Jules Fox come and watch us record the show today. Here's a photo we took of them. 

Age Grouper of the Week: The Mountain Snail sent through this weeks age grouper of the week, Dave 'Billy' Creamer. Dave has done IMNZ 10 times over the years and while he has been really close to qualitying for Kona he always missed out. Last year he managed to crack it and then he got to have his Kona experience. He's a real example of sticking at it until you achieve your goal. 

Interview: This week we have Triathlon legend Scott Molina on the show. He shares some of his experiences from the early years of IMTalk. As always Scott is a great guest. Check out this photo of him coming out of the water at IMNZ 1985. 

High 5: This week we do a High 5 on racing IMNZ. 

History of IMNZ: Throughout the show this week we go over the history of this iconic race.